Community Meal on 9/28

dinner_8652cOur next Madison Community Meal will be this Sunday evening, September 28, 2014 at 5 p.m. This is an opportunity to break bread with our neighbors as we share God’s love in Madison, and we want to invite you to come join in the meal, or to volunteer for this great event.

The Community Meal was born out of a need. The end of the month is a difficult time for many as Social Security income begins to run out and money gets tight. The Community Meal represents an attempt to stretch those dollars a little further by offering a free hot meal to those in need.

However, more than that, the Community Meal allows our church an opportunity to meet and talk with those of our neighbors who may feel uncomfortable coming to Sunday morning worship, but who want and need to experience the love of Christ first-hand. It’s a great time to reach out and listen to the needs, hopes, hurts, and dreams of these neighbors as we all make our way through our lives together.

For CRC members, we need around 20 volunteers each month to offer the type of hospitality we wish to offer. If you want to help out, click here to e-mail Emily Reeves Grammer and let her know.

Come join in this amazing feast of food and God’s love!

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